David Findley

David Findley

I first started in the security industry in Hong Kong 20 years ago. Running security teams in London’s top nightclubs has given me varied experiences. I’ve also worked in event security, corporate security and with the police on several operations. I have been teaching security topics for three years.

I enjoy learning myself, and I understand it’s important that students feel comfortable in the class. A friendly environment, and support is offered to all students no matter what their situation or previous experience. Book your training with “Iridium Training Academy”, I’ll be happy to meet you!

Jane Cooper

My name is Jane Cooper. I have been involved in the security industry since 1994 mainly as in Door Supervision but also Security Guarding and CCTV. In 2008 I began work as a freelance tutor for training providers in the security sector. I teach a range of courses in a variety of environments.I was involved with training candidates in door supervision and physical intervention to work at the London Olympics.

Over the past 8 years I have provided security training and assessing of CCTV, Conflict Management, Physical Intervention, Customer Care and Spectator Safety for County Court Staff, Hospital Security, Home Office Staff, High Risk Security Hospital Staff, for the Armed Forces who are doing training for their resettlement and for the Commonwealth Games 2014. Also for staff at Twickenham Rugby Ground, Silverstone and Brands Hatch Race tracks.

I work both public courses and training with the unemployed. I enjoy this role as I feel I am providing training in a variety of fields and skills but also helping to improve the candidates confidence and communication skills. I enjoy having a different groups of people each course, always providing different dynamics. Sometimes it has been challenging but this is something I enjoy and respond to. I receive good feedback from my candidates. They enjoy the courses, gaining knowledge, skills and confidence and I have a good pass rate. This makes my job very positive and satisfying.

"I’m enjoying the work and learning all about Spectator Safety. I have gained many skills during my role as a Steward; such as communicating with the customers and what to do in certain situations."

Alex Covington