“I’m finding the Apprenticeship and the classes interesting and knowledgeable. I’m enjoying the work and learning all about Spectator Safety. I have gained many skills during my role as a Steward; such as communicating with the customers and what to do in certain situations. Overall I have had a great time on the course and working in the security industry.”

Alex Covington



“I found the Apprenticeship exciting when working at my workplace at IndigO2 and good when in the classroom. I really enjoyed working as a steward and always meeting new people. The skills I have learnt will definitely help me in the future.”

Sophie Shackleton



“I found the Apprenticeship and the classes to be very interesting and exciting. I looked forward to coming into class just to learn more about becoming a door supervisor. The classes where a lot of fun but I particularly enjoyed the work placement at the IndigO2 as a safety steward. I couldn’t wait until it was my turn to work simply because every night there was something different happening. It’s never just the same old job day-in, day-out. At first I was very nervous about interacting with customers but after a few shifts it really builds your confidence and now my confidence with chatting and helping customers is sky high! Joining this course was the best decision I have ever made and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.”

Jack Killick


“I have come from an IT background of 10 years. I was nervous at first as it was something new but the trainer who did the course really got me involved and had a laugh. I enjoyed every aspect of the course as it really explained everything you need know. The materials provided for the course were brilliant and opened up a whole new career. I also went on to do CCTV as I enjoyed the SIA course, I highly recommend this course to everyone who enjoying dealing with the public.”

Robert Emery



“Iridium Training Academy has provided us with an excellent service which is tailored to the needs of our organisation. The courses are extremely well presented, good value for money and excellently delivered. Paul Curtis is a great trainer and highly professional always going that extra mile to accommodate our clients.

I would rate the training 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend to others. All our clients are delighted with the courses that they have attended; the feedback is extremely positive—in fact 100% positive.”

Wendy Phillips – Shaw Trust, Employment Consultant