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Iridium Training Academy Newsletter - October 2014
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Kaley's Column
Entering my fifth month at ITA I decided it is about time we put a stop to basic email distribution, and create a newsletter. This gives you, our valued customer, an insight into the company, to see what is going on, on a more personal level, and so I can secretly fulfil my journalist dream and have my own column  :)

The company has really developed from when I first started in the Sales / Admin role, I have met some really inspirational people who have guided my ideas on how to build relationships with our customers and get the most from our courses.

What’s New With Us?

As members of the South East London Royal Chamber of Commerce, I attended a social networking event where I met the lovely Zoe Cairns. Zoe delivered an excellent presentation on her experiences and how to make the most of social networking, something most companies don’t use to their advantage. I learned a lot from her and have taken her advice on board.

Paul Curtis our Training Manager has been very busy last week. He attended a week long course in Lilleshall  (I don’t know where it is either) and learnt how to handcuff people…

Myself and the Iridium Security Team travelled over to Gilgamesh in Camden which Iridium Security are now running and completed a Personal Licence course with some of the bar team and managers there; delivered by Paul.  I got the highest mark in the class with just 2 answers wrong; so feeling very smug followed by Jim Nicholls from Iridium Security.

I and Paul also attended a Marketing Event run by Mark Dawes last week. We learnt some really interesting ideas about how to get the best from marketing, so watch out for some new angles. Mark was a great trainer and we really enjoyed the event; check him out on YouTube.

And finally, we had a visit from Frank Bewley who delivered a self-defence presentation to the team. Frank has some incredible experiences and we cannot wait for him to start delivering practical self-defence classes for ITA in the coming month.
Back To School
So, the kids have been back at school for a good month now, can you count how many injuries or illnesses they have endured already? 

From falling over in the playground to upset tummies; children require first aid treatment throughout their school lives. Fear not, our Paediatric First Aid course is here to help you treat and prevent injuries with confidence; whether they are minor cuts or more serious breaks or seizures.

For only 2 days either weekdays or weekends; you can learn everything any parent / nanny needs to know. You will also receive a nationally recognised certificate and wallet sized card.

Meet The Iridium Team
We welcome you to our first edition of ITA News; our monthly Newsletter  updating you about courses, old and new,  juicy gossip from inside ITA and fun facts & quizzes  for you to sink your teeth into in your spare time.

Brrr, it’s that time of the year again…Darker evenings & colder nights! That’s right we have officially hit October.

The kids went back to school last month and have finally settled into their new classes, Halloween is around the corner and people are starting to mention the C word (Christmas).

There has been lots going on the past few months at Iridium Training Academy and October is definitely the biggest in terms of changes.
In This Issue
  • Check out our new courses
  • Find out what we have been getting up to
  • Earn extra cash
  • How to stay safe this Autumn with Self—Defence
  • Apprenticeships for 17-18 year olds starting this month. Apply now (page 4 for details)
New Courses
First Aid Course with Defibrillation
Self Defence - Darker evenings mean we need to take extra care when out on our own. This time of year is notorious for crime as people feel the pressure of Christmas. Make sure you know how to defend yourself by joining our 3 hour class to learn simple techniques that will ensure you remain safe. Anyone can join, no matter how big or small, male or female you can all do it!

Defibrillation - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillation to be precise. Also known as AED training which involves the use of defibrillators when performing First Aid. This can be added to the end of First Aid at Work training as well as an independent course.

Food Safety - Due to popular demand we are now offering Food Safety training. This includes food safety in catering, retail and for manufacturing.

Personal Licence - You can now complete your personal licencing training with us. This qualification allows you to sell and authorise the sale of alcohol. Perfect for bar staff managers. The course is really informative; revealing lots of facts about the rules on selling alcohol and the big DO’s and DON’Ts, and the licence lasts for 10 years so there is no reason not to get one.
Jacky from Iridium Security revising for her Personal License  exam at Gilgamesh
Earn Extra Money For Christmas!
We have some amazing offers and discounts to help you out this autumn. You can receive up to £20 by referring a friend to us on selected courses, or get yourself a discount by tweeting about us.

Looking for work? Why not join our Door Supervisor course and apply for an SIA badge? You can earn extra money while working flexible hours as a Door Supervisor and work at some of the best night clubs in town. Don’t forget our sister company is Iridium Security; who provide staff at the O2.
Popular courses

We are still offering our original courses; you can check these out on our website.
  • Security
  • First Aid
  • Teaching
  • Essential office training
Physical Intervention Training with David

Know a 17-18 year old who is interested in Security? Our Providing Security Services Apprenticeship is beginning all over again this month.

The Apprenticeship provides hands on Stewarding experience at IndigO2 within the O2 Arena and classroom based learning.

Contact us for more details.
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