ITA swiftly secured academic approval from major awarding bodies including Edexcel, Industry Qualifications and Highfield ABC to become the fully approved training academy it is today.

Striving to deliver the highest quality of training, ITA focused its attention on providing professional short courses and apprenticeship programmes that draw from our resident expertise to give a unique learning opportunity back to the community. Renowned for our high standards and industry competence, Iridium Training Academy’s training has proved a great success.

Our professional short courses and apprenticeships have grown from strength to strength where we are now pleased to offer a vast array of professional courses designed to give learners from all walks of life the skills needed to further their careers.

Iridium Training Academy attained it’s ISO 9001 accreditations from the British Assessment Bureau in early 2012 and continually works to improve its levels of service provision.

So, whether it’s the helping hand needed to open up employment opportunities or that extra qualification needed to achieve that valuable promotion at work, our experts’ industry knowledge, advice and guidance are well placed to point you in the right direction and help you achieve your goals.

"I’m enjoying the work and learning all about Spectator Safety. I have gained many skills during my role as a Steward; such as communicating with the customers and what to do in certain situations."

Alex Covington